I am delighted to finally announce Jumpcut, the first data-driven studio that puts data to work to solve Hollywood’s sequel culture and lack of inclusiveness. The company combines my twenty years of training in data science and entrepreneurship with my personal enthusiasm for film. The left brain finally meets the right!

Roughly 10 years back, I wrote a screenplay for a Hindi language movie and discussed it with several producers. Many liked the script but they weren’t sure they could take a script from a new writer/director to the top actors or film financiers. Their concerns made sense and I…

AI startups have a chicken & egg problem. Here’s how to solve it.

A few years ago, I learned about the billions of dollars banks lose to credit card fraud on an annual basis. Better detection or prediction of fraud would be incredibly valuable. And so I considered the possibility of convincing a bank to share their transactional data in the hope of building a better fraud detection algorithm. The catch, unsurprisingly, was that no major bank is willing to share such data. They feel they’re better off hiring a team of data scientists to work on the problem internally. My startup idea died a quick death.

Despite the tremendous innovation and entrepreneurial…

In this brave new world, many of our choices aren’t choices at all

Credit: Yaroslav Kushta/Getty Images

Tai, a senior at the University of Pennsylvania, wakes up at the perfect time every morning—well-rested, but not late for classes or appointments. Today that meant rising at 7:18 a.m. He did not set his alarm for that time. Rather, it was chosen for him. His phone’s sleep-tracker app had been following his sleep patterns over the past few months, monitoring his REM cycles and periods of lighter rest. Using this information, it set a smart alarm that wakes him during a light stage of sleep, while also trying to maintain some level of consistency over time. …

Kartik Hosanagar

Entrepreneur + Prof@Wharton. Faculty lead ai.wharton.upenn.edu. Author: HumansGuide2AI. Founder Jumpcutmedia.com & previously cofounder @Yodle (acq Web).

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